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In becoming a good ball-handler, learning to dribble well is essential.  If you're good at dribbling and have some quickness, you can create a lot of offense for yourself, as well as your team.

Here are some tips to perfect your dribbling:

1. Learn to dribble while keeping your head up.  If you have to keep your head down and watch the basketball while dribbling, you aren't goin to be able to see what your teammates or the defense is doing.  You'll only see what's directly around you, not the whole floor, and it'll be hard to create or know what to do.  Learn to dribble without actually having to look down while doing so.  Crouching down makes it easier to do this.
2. Learn to dribble with both hands.  It's hard to get equally comfortable dribbling with either hand, you'll almost always have one hand that's much easier for you to dribble with.  Work with your weak hand so that you will be comfortable when using it.  It'll make it a lot easier to create and finish moves, and it'll be harder to steal the ball from you.
3. Dribble with your fingers, not your palm.
4. Practice shots while you dribble.  Learn to incorporate getting your shots off with the actual dribble moves that make them easier to do.
5. Remember, passing the ball is faster than dribbling.

Shanna Zolman

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