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How to shoot a free throw:

1. First off, every shooter has a different routine when they step up to the free throw line, whether it is two dribbles or no dribbles at all.  However, every good shooter begins with balance.  There will always be a nail at the exact center of the free throw line.  Find the nail or dot and line your shooting foot up with it.
2. Next is the elbow.  After you have your balance the process moves up, and your elbow comes next in the process.  Have your elbow on your shooting hand lined up to make an L right under the ball.
3. After you have your elbow ready and your body balanced, you have to focuse your eyes on the rim.  Use your mind to think about shooting just over the front of the rim.  Basketball is played with 80% of the mind.
4. After you're lined up and you have your eyes and your elbow lined up, it is time to shoot the ball...after you release the ball, keep your hand up in the air as if you were reaching into a cookie jar.  This is called follow through.


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